A Zionist Oligopoly Rouges Charter

This is quite an extensive report from Gordon at tapnewswire.com. As such the comments are short. Needles to say we cannot change anything we refuse to recognise. The Zionist Rat Pack refereed to in this article are not only responsible for Looting America, Zionism is a global Evil and is primarily responsible for Raping Our Entire Planet. As Their Defence, the Zionist present to the World a Holocaust, followed by the Politically Correct (Censorship) Directive ‘Anti-Semitism ‘ These two subject are intended to sniffle any meaningful debate, regarding Israel’s Apartheid, the Ethnic Cleansing of the Palestinians and Debt Slavery of Humanity that the Zionist Bankers of the City of London have Contrived.

“The opposite of love is not hate; its indifference”

Happy Days.


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