Is President Trump About To Make A Catastrophic Appointment?


Tony Blair, the Ex,Middle East Peace Envoy, the irony is enough to make one psychically sick. Tony Blair along with his sidekick G W. Bush at the behest of their Masters, Wreaked Havoc across the Globe, never mind the Middle East. Tony Blair is a War Criminal, he belongs in the Dock at the Hague. Tony Blair began the Privatisation of the NHS, with his then Health Secretary Alan Milburn. Tony Blair single-handedly Bastardized the British Labour Party. Tony Blair is the most despised Politician in Britain. Tony Blair is Toxic, he Taints Everything He Touches. Tony Blair is a Proven Liar and Sociopath. Tony Blair’s Machinations during his time as a Politician are Legendre.

Footnote: We just detest the Man, For All He Is, His Moral Compass and All He Represents. Perhaps were bias?


“Everything is seen and all is known, all will be revealed and everything shown” RH

Happy Days.

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