The Penny Finally Drops: Tulsi Gabbard: To Solve The Refugee Crisis, Stop Funding Terrorism

“When what is true comes, what is false must pass away”

We’ve been expressing these selfsame sentiments by Tulsi Gabbard for years. Who would choose to stay in their Homeland, that is Bombed and Ravaged 24/7 by the American Military and its Nato (North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation) fraternity.

Given the choice, these Displaced Peoples would rather reside in their Home Countries, provided the natural resources of said Nations were available to Benefit  these indigenous Populations. American Hegemony is renowned Globally. America today, is the equivalent of the Modern Day Vikings. Raping and Pillaging Sovereign States, with their Partners in Tow, Multinational Corporations responsible for the Plundering.

” The conspiracy theory label was contrived to derail the truth movement.”

Happy Days. 


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