How The EU Works For The EU; To The Detriment Of Britain

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, Capitulation was unheard of in Britain.

Grow some friggin ‘Backbone’ Britain. Tell the EU to stick it up their A–es

It’s only Britain and Germany who are paying in. The other 25 Nations are receiving.

We, Britain, never Fought and Won Two World Wars to curtail to anyone. Just say to the EU, go F–k Your–lves  only diplomatically. Trump did it, when he refused to succumb to the Liberal Politically Correct  Censorship Dictate during the American Presidential Elections.

Jean-Claude Juncker seen here muddying the EU Waters. Admit defeat, allay your enemies (Populists) and Strike.

BREXIT is a Game of Poker. Germany holds the 4 Aces, Britain holds the 4 Kings. David Cameron (Fairy Godmother) approached the EU negotiations as if we (Britain) held a Pair or Deuces. To quote President Clinton “Its  the economy stupid” Yes you’ve got it , the Money.


The voice of the British People.

Happy Days.

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