Kabbalah Or Jewish Magic Is At The Core Of The New World Order


Strange how the Jews have been persecuted throughout History and still are to this day!! The synopsis by Jonas E. Alexis is accompanied with a near 70 minute video, hence comments are short.


“We may have found a cure for most evil, but we have found no remedy for the worst of them all…..the apathy of human beings !! Helen Keller.

“World Zionism can best be described as the Worlds largest Crime Syndicate. They appear to be soulless parasites upon the Human Race. They are empowered by the Zionist City of London’s private Retail Bankers who specialise in Babylonian Money-Magick and making Money from nothing (Debt based notes presented as Money) and pernicious usury. They are generally recognised by numerous Intel insiders to be parasites on the World. War Profiteers and Mass Murderers behind every major War, as well as the Hidden Hand behind most Drug Trafficking, Pornography, Sex Trafficking, Slave Labour, Banking Mortgage Fraud and other Financial Frauds and Scams. Using their imaginary Debt Based, pretend Money they have Bought and Own almost every single US Congress Person, most Supreme Court Judges and almost every Federal Judge. Preston James, veteranstoday.com

Happy Days.


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