Barclay’s “Significant Change Is Coming To The Fed Over The Next 18 Months”

Federal Reserve Building

Federal Reserve Building

“These bankers have made personal fortunes by stealing, exploiting and destroying our assets, our workforce, our resources and our planet. All protected, assisted and bailed out by our own governments using our own money”

The folks on Main Street America are sick to death, playing Bank of Last Resort for the Global Economy, while the Bankers on Wall Street enrich themselves and their Fraternity. Nationalizing the Debts and Privatizing the Profits has become increasingly untenable for the Financial Terrorists (Bankers) residing on Wall Street.

With the American people on the hook for $ plus of Debt, it’s as if someone’s just switched the lights on in the Hen House, the chickens have certainly come home to roost.

This pronouncement from Barclay’s would certainly seem to be an understatement. There is much talk recently on ending the Federal Reserves Independence.

Sooner, the better.

Happy Days.



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