Ex British Prime Minister Edward Heath Paedophile Crimes Covered Up By British Establishment [video]


“Since when has the truth been a conspiracy?”

Three essays from David Icke, the first explains how the Child Crimes committed Edward Heath, were known to the British Establishment for Sixty Years.


The Authoritarian Plutocracy Governing Britain would be foolish to acknowledge David Ickes revelations regarding the Establishment Paedophile Rings, as the adage states ‘Turkeys don’t Vote for Christmas’ By the way, the video in this article is a MUST. The disclosure concerning the nefarious British Establishment, it’s quite enlightening.

Finally were taken further down the rabbit hole, where Satan and Evil reside. The whole British Fiefdom needs burning to the ground, with those Complicit, along with those Responsible for these heinous acts against our Children spending the remainder of their natural lives, in jail.


Obviously Washington is far from the only Swamp that needs Draining.

” They must find it difficult; those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as authority”

Happy Days.



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