PIZZA PARTY FINALLY OVER ! (Feb 2017 Arrests Happening Across The Globe In Mass Awakening

“Wisdom is knowing how little you know” Socrates

Well its been a long time coming.

Blackman, White man, Yellow-man, Muslim, Christian, Sikh we breathe the same air, all our blood run red. Evil affects us all, Our Children are precious, all of Our Children. Lets focus on what unites us and makes us indestructible when we are One. Take a look at the link below. Have we all not had enough? of ‘Divide and Conquer’ Is not this one of the issues that Concern All? If we as a Species cannot Honour Our Children, what does that say about You and Me?

PIZZA PARTY FINALLY OVER! (Feb 2017) Arrests Happening Accross The Globe In Mass Awakening

Happy days.

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