Organised Chaos In The EU !!!


Mention the name Clinton’s, add to mix the name Soros and what do you get? A paradigm of subterfuge and debacle.

15 EU Countries have had enough. Mass immigration to the detriment of their indigenous people’s are not conducive to these National Leaders.

After all is said and done; did any Politician in the 27 member EU States stand on a platform of Mass Immigration? No Neither has any Politician in Britain. Yet that is the mandate at present in all EU States, including Britain with the coercion of the Corporate Media. In Britain its a Political Given (Politically Correct) to fill the Nation with as many Foreign Nationals as possible, presented as the ‘Will of the People’ when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. Those who dissent are branded Racist (Politically Correct) marginalised, then consigned to the ‘Naughty Chair’ and take no further part in the debate.

As the German election approaches Merkel changes her tune. No longer content to be the Monkey, dancing to the tune of the Organ Grinder, there’s an Election to be won. If elected, then she is able to pursue her Mandate for another four years and that of her Masters. Chaos, the Destruction of the Sovereign State of Germany through the dissolution of the Nations Identity and an EU Super State, presented to Germany’s as its Holy Grail.


Happy Days.



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