Jeff Sessions To Authorise Arrests In Washington DC Pedo Ring [video]

“All Truth passes through three-steps: First it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third it is accepted as self-evident” Arthur Schopenhauer.


The folks in America and around the globe have barely an insight into the ramifications and reverberations these Paedophile Arrests in Washington DC once implemented will initiate. Washington DC, London, Australia and Scotland are but the tips of many Satanic Paedophile Rings that traverse the World.

Those initially arrested will no doubt ‘Sing like Canaries’ to mitigate their egregious actions and Crimes against Innocent Children. This Evil infests many Nations, where Class, Wealth, Social Status, Rank and Position present no barriers.

Let us all pray the coming events in Washington DC herald the beginning of the end to that Kleptocracy, with all Plutocracy’s, Fiefdoms and Oligarchs eradicated.


Happy Days. 




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