EU Reality And Corporate Media Collusion

“Divided people are easier to rule” Trevor Noah.

The EU Narrative to destroy Sovereign Nation Members, seems to be having a profound affect in Sweden. Their modus operandi seen here is Mass Resettlement of Foreign Nationals into EU Nation States. Various discretion’s/descriptions are initiated, Immigrants/Asylum Seekers/Skills Shortage Migrants/Refugees/Economic Refugees, plus a host of other titles to facilitate the movement of Millions and Millions of people in EU Countries.

The perils facing Sweden (55 No Go Areas) are far from unique in the European model, however there is a ‘Reality Blackout’ by the Corporate Media Whores when reporting large-scale unrest amongst Indigenous Peoples and Foreign Nationals in Several EU Countries.

Objective Achieved, it would seem, in Sweden at least, France a close Second, with Germany bringing up the rear.

“It is quite a three pipe problem” Sherlock Holmes.

eu-scammingHappy Days.

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