Benjamin Fulford Geopolitical Update For February 6, 2017

“Everything is seen and all is known, all will be revealed and everything shown” RH

The ‘Bad Guys’ are going down at last. Happy Days.

Seems were so close, when the Arrests are announced via the Corporate Media Whores, (Fake News Networks) CNBC, Fox NEWS, ABC, SKY NEWS, BBC, Channel 7 et cetera the World will finally get the message. The magnitude of the Conspiracy is beyond comparison. The Evil that infested the Authoritarian Plutocracy Governing Our World has delighted the Devil itself.

Once the Main Protagonists have been arrested, then we can move next to dissolve these State Media Broadcasters Globally (The facilitators and those complicit) that have lied and manipulated their audiences since their inception.

Happy Days.


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