Obvious PizzaGate Question (By Design) Slips Through The Cracks And The Big Picture On Paedophilia [videos]

The brief synopsis from starshipearth reiterates the Evil on display Here.


Industrial Farming of Our Children has endured for decades Fact, maybe centuries.

Not until All the Guilty involved in this vile, pernicious Global Trade are brought to Justice will the True extent of the numbers of Innocent Children Involved come to Light. Once exposed through the Corporate Media, who remain complicit in the Cover Up of these Crimes, Protecting the Perpetrators, assisted by the Judiciary, Law Enforcement, Security Services and Politicians, will the People grasp the severity of what History has to Reveal.

While were covering Paedophilia, another example from rense.com, just how the RABBIT HOLE EXTENDS.

“Is everything a conspiracy? no just the important stuff”

Jeff Wells.

We are all responsible for ensuring the lyrics of the song are made manifest in Our Lifetimes.

Happy Days.

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