Pizzagate Will Dominate 2017, Because It Is Real

“The truth when you finally chase it down, is almost always far worst than your darkest visions and fears”

Hunter S. Thompson.

To describe the Evil that is Child Abuse as (Paedophilia) could be construed as somewhat of an anomaly. David Icke has been exposing these nefarious crimes against the most vulnerable of our society (Children) for decades. Along with Kevin Annett amongst others they have been stalwarts, against the Perpetrators of these heinous Crimes, their Associates the Police (First Line Of Defence for the Guilty) Security Services (FBI, CIA, MI5-6, Special Branch and their Affiliates the Corporate Media Whores.

Every Victim (Child) is Sacred. The True extent and Numbers, perhaps Millions of Innocent Children, Abused, Tortured Murdered and yes Eaten will only come to Light when the Arrests and Prosecutions of the Guilty begins. Until that time, which we Pray is Near, stay focused in the Light and Know that Love and Truth are both the most Powerful Forces in the Universes.


Happy Days.

More happy Days.

Victory to the Light.

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