Ziollywood Slaves Donate $34.5 Million To The Biggest Terrorist Group On Earth

Money before Morality, fame, fortune, power, folks have sold themselves for much less. Our understanding ‘that which goes around, comes around.’ Those responsible for oppression and those condoning oppression in another life will experience oppression. Shame they don’t teach that in the education establishments.

Ask any reality analyst or free thinker concerning Terrorism and its origins and they will invariably mention Israel.

However as the Jews own the Corporate Media presented on TV Screens and in Newspapers these Facts are never brought to the wider public’s attention.


Israel, is an Apartheid/Terrorist State, parachuted into the Middle East by Britain and America to wreak Havoc on the World Stage to the furtherance of said Countries, via Oil, Armaments and Chaos on a Global Scale.

The Jews have no more rights to Palestine Lands than the Fijian’s.

The History of the Jewish People as presented today, is contrived nonsense, used to fit Anglo/American hegemony, which has existed for Centuries.


Also while were here, if you care to check the history, the Crown of England still holds total jurisdiction over America, despite how its presented.


On January 20, 2017 Israel’s Man, Donald Trump enters the White House. Be prepared for fireworks as the lead up to Easter 2017 plays out.

“To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise”


Happy Days.



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