How We Become Slaves Of The “System”


Misfortune for the 99%, State Indoctrination begins with our parents. Parents through Programmed Education naturally pass these concepts to their children. Few, in the past, have been willing to question the State Narrative which seeks to drive as well as engineer every thought process and action in order fit the States Matrix.

Here we see have followed the ‘Money Trail’ Unfortunate for today’s society it will inevitably lead you to the Truth.

Oh and just to add insult to injury how about this Scam, which is prevalent in Britain, however we have taken an American example. Pay to Play, in this case the narrative is Education.

Debt is the chain that binds us.

As they say “Keep voting and hope things will change”

“Peaceful non compliance, try it you’ll be amazed how easily it works” RH

Happy Days.


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