The Failure Of Chemotherapy; More Patients Abstain From The Treatment More Survive


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“Between 2005 and 2015 Cancer cases increased by 33% and the number of new cases is expected to rise by about 70% over the next just two decades under the current global disease promoting paradigm”

This quote is taken from this article by Dave Mihalovic.

The statistics are staggering.

That Chemotherapy is a Poison is common knowledge amongst oncologists, hardly surprising really when you learn how Chemotherapy was derived. In a recent survey, amongst oncologists 95% of the profession stated they would refuse Chemotherapy for themselves and their families. Whats going on you may ask? Well Cancer is a Vast Industry, with Enormous Sums of Money involved. Humanity can only serve One Master! You either Conform or you don’t Perform; simple.

Cancer cures are many and varied, documented and acknowledged for decades now by Independent Scientists, Researchers and Doctors this suppressed information if finally been made available to vast swaths of populations around the globe. As people become aware of the Cancer Cures the are beginning to demand the information concerning the Cancer Causes!

Finally an expression we use in England ‘The Proof is in the Pudding’ plus video.

Happy Days.


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