Intel Report-Geopolitical Overview For December 10, 2016


Every picture tells a story. The reports very interesting, it explains the behind the scene Global Events that the Corporate Media Whores compromised with their lies, long ago. Lets hope Angela Merkel refuses to follow in the footsteps of her Grandfather, Adolf Hitler to leave Germany in Complete Ruin. Historical Note. The Hitler ‘Dead in the Bunker’ is a fairytale. Hitler along with Eva Braun fled Germany and went on to Live the Life of Riley, in Argentina.

Would like to add an observation: Theresa May is ‘Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss’ The British Establishment are still under the illusion its business as usual. Wondering what it going to take to finally end the Debt Serfdom here? after all, said and done the British are responsible for the Global Central Bank Franchise. Get the felling only when they (Royalty) are led to the ‘Gallows’ metaphorically, will they repent.

Remembering a David Icke quote from many years ago “Britain with remain the last nation on Earth to emerge from the darkness”

Happy Days


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