Reality Update From Standing Rock 30.11.2016 [videos]


Standing Rock is a defining moment, in that it is one of the Lines in the Sand, that Humanity, has consciously and subconsciously drawn. Yes humanity is making a Stand, hence the name ‘Standing Rock’ Natures synchronicity for all to see. There will be other opportunities for Humanity in the coming months to galvanise itself, yet undefined. However the struggle to Free Ourselves from the Shackles of Global, Banking Serfdom is about to get intense.

We’ve kept our comments short so we go over to starshipearth, for these Two Articles, the first, well you’ve guessed the Banks have a major part to play here; Whats New, you ask?

The Second, we see Evil revealed in the shape of Blackwater Paid Assassins, to describe them as Mercenaries may tarnish the name Mercenary.

ccc0594842d3c4bd42669082af31b01aFootnote: When your Family, Children, Grandchildren etcetera ask what you were doing when Standing Rock was unfolding, what will be Your Answer?


Happy Days.


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