No Change In America Until Trump Returns The Federal Reserve To the People; Without That, What Follows Is Paste And Wallpaper


This essay from Preston James via explains the Power Behind America. We go on to give a brief overview as to ‘That Power’ which not only Governs America and Britain, but the World.

The Federal Reserve is a Franchise of the Bank of England (BOE). Here in Britain, America also, Central Banks Control their Nations. Conspiracy you say; well lets examine a more recent example, in Britain, considering the Federal Reserve and BOE are One. David Cameron, Prime Minister, George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer along with Mark Carney Governor of the Bank of England Campaigned Vigorously for Britain to Remain in the EU.

After the BREXIT VOTE, David Cameron was forced to resign, not only as Prime Minister but from Politics in general. George Osborne was sacked by the incumbent Prime Minister Theresa May and consigned to the Back Benches. Mark Carney, well he went on to inform Theresa May when his tenure was up at the Bank of England, see the difference?

No British government based at the Palace of Westminster will allow Britain to Leave the EU, End Of.


We see in this short video from David Icke, How, Who and Where the True Power Lies.

Bare in mind, All Change is Peripheral while Banking remains in the hands of private individuals.

Happy Days.

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