These 13 Families Rule The World: The Shadow Forces Behind The NWO [video’s] And A List Of Banks They Own!!



Greed is insatiable. Number 13 on the list, the Monster residing in Buckingham Palace, ‘The One With The Crown’ just as when Princess Diana died, the queen knows no shame. Her Government is to make the British Taxpayers foot the bill for the repairs at Buckingham Palace, when in fact it belongs to the Crown Estate. This at a time when, ‘Today’ the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) states

” This has, for sure, been the worst decade for living standards certainly since the last War and probably since the 1920s”

Paul Johnson, Director of IFS.

Heaven only knows what it’s going to take for the British Public to WAKE UP, to the Authoritarian Plutocracy that Controls Britain.

Here we find a complete list of Banks, Owned and Controlled by the Rothschild’s and their Fraternity.

Fascinating, when you consider: Humanity with so much Poverty and Destitution in the world has been ‘Domesticated’ when you consider there are nearly 8 Billion of us, are beholden to ‘So Few’

Happy days.

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