Thomas Williams (Latest) Truth, Honour And Integrity Show For November 10, 2016 [Audio and Video]

Once again we go over to starshipearth for our latest planetary update with Thomas Williams.

Makes for fascinating listening, comments from starship as usual, ‘On The Money’

“You must unlearn what you have been programmed to believe from birth. That software no longer serves you if you want to live where all things are possible”

Jacqueline E. Purcell

Always believed Madonna was ‘Tuned In’ regarding the Trump-Hillary Election, still believe that. Sadly many America Celebrities put their Career before their Conscious, (Lot’s of Empty Million$ Real Estate, when they leave America) These so-called ‘Stars’ had much to lose, as they attempted to protect the Status Quo, Money, Position, Power, while 10s of Millions of Americans have very little or nothing. Yes we were made privy to many of Trumps misdemeanour’s which were aired via Hillary’s Corporate Media Whores. Trump however as Time shall reveal, will pale into insignificance. The Clinton’s not only committed Crimes against Innocent Americans and their Children, Crimes Against Humanity also stack up against this Odious Couple At the end of the day we at RH adopted the pretext like millions the world over, including BP that Trump represented the ‘Lesser of the Two Evils’ bearing it mind it was Hillary and the Democratic Congress who destroyed Bernie Sanders.

In fact you can sum the whole BREXIT/Clinton /Trump scenario in one short phase; People the World over are Sick to Death of Politicians.

Had to finish with this, as we believe its Earth’s Destiny.

Happy Days.

Thomas Williams’ Truth, Honor & Integrity Show for Nov. 10, 2016 http://+%20video

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