The ‘Elites’ And Why They Are Facing Their Destruction


The American Election Result is another huge sign that the ‘slaves’ are awakening.

This article from Glenn Greenwald describes admirably the gradual decent of  the Working and Middle classes throughout the so-called ‘Western Democracies” Trouble is this description no longer applies, as the demographics of said Nations have changed beyond recognition as Jobs have been shipped out and Immigrants shipped in.

Hopes and aspirations of the people have been destroyed as the ‘Arrogance of Ignorance’ adopted by the Ruling Elites pander to their Masters the Private Bankers. Whole Communities, Towns and Cities have been lain waste by Policies and Directives that no one ‘Voted For’

Trump ignited hope in the American People (The American Dream), he spoke the language ordinary folk reverberate to,  for example, the ‘ Ruling Classes’ talk of Climate Change, while circling the Globe in their Private Jets.

People are desperate for Positive Change. Not the change Obama (Nobel Peace Prize Winner) spoke of in 2009, he then went on to instigate War around the Planet with his Associates, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia this previous 8 Years.

At present we see in Britain a certain Professional Community who believe they can transcend the will of the People, the Establishment Lackeys like Blair, Clegg, Farron, et cetera, hell-bent on derailing BREXIT, by any means, Fair or Fail. You see when you examine the plight of Britain at present Three intractable institutions are responsible for the Nations Woes. Private Bankers, Parliament and their Corporate Media Whores.

Much is spoken regarding what People Vote For, however with Brexit the Vote was also against these Stifling institutions  and this same Fraternity applies in America. A Trump Vote was a Vote to ‘End This Status Quo’

Happy Days.



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