As The Political Elites In Britain Along With Their Corporate Media Whores Lambaste The Trump Victory, Britain Heads For A ‘Perfect Storm’


All the time Politicians and their Puppets the Corporate Media continue to distract the People of Britain from the reality of the Nations plight the Status Quo is assured. Yes the Presidential Election Results have a profound affect on all Nations of the World, however in Britain the reaction has not only been Sublime, it’s also Ridiculous. The arrogance of ignorance the British People exhibit is truly astounding.

Four brief illustrations, as to why we feel the People need to focus on issues closer to Home. First, the adage Charity Begins At Home seems non applicable to the Nations Pensioners. No mention of the £ given away in Foreign Aid, in 2016. No mention that the Aid Money is Borrowed.

Second, the People are Borrowing Money at Unsustainable Levels.

Third, along with the Nations Politicians.

Four, Taxpayer Bailouts to Private Banks Yes £ has been committed to spending, supporting Private Banks since 2007

‘Makes me go cold’

Happy Days.



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