Vladimir Putin Condemns Europe For Upholding Child Rape


Sadly the example of the 10 Year Old Child Rape in Austria mentioned here by Vladimir Putin is Nothing New to the People of Britain. Many 100s of such cases are now surfacing here, Rotherham, prime example, where the Authorities (Police/Social Services/Local Councils) turned a blind eye to Crimes Against Children, owing to the Race and Religion of the Perpetrators of such Crimes.

Said it previously and we will reiterate, the Laws in Britain are applied differently depending on ones ethnicity. However with the Corporate Media and the Political Correctness (Censorship) impeding peoples ability to disagree with Mass Immigration, Truth is being suppressed.

It proves difficult to asses the True Feelings and Concerns of Mass Immigration/Asylum Seekers/Skills Shortage/Refuges/Illegal Immigrants on the British People owing to Media Censorship. BREXIT was a supreme opportunity  for the British Voters to express their feelings.

“Political correctness doesn’t change us, it shuts us up”

Glenn Beck.

Happy Days.

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