Ken Loach: BBC News Manipulative And Deeply Political

“Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle that fits them all”

Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Our first reaction on reading this article is; Whats New?

The BBC are able to adopt an ‘Indifference Policy’ to their dis-tractors as quite simply they have every household on the hook for £145.50 Tax, per annum, regardless if you choose to view BBC content or not.

Since the inception of RH we have advocated the BBC should no longer be funded by the British Tax Payers. How easy for an incumbent Government to direct the BBC narrative as they ultimately hold the purse strings of the broadcaster via Taxpayer Funding. No greater example exists than the BBC absolute bias against Brexit, pre Brexit Vote.

Too numerous to list, the BBC has proven over many years to Manage, Manipulate and Castigate World News.

Well worth your time. This is a 4.31 minute video exemplifying the ‘BBC Directive’

Happy Days.



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