British Home Office Officials Cant Distinguish 13 Year Olds From 33 Year Olds


Image submitted by Danny McCartney.

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations”

George Orwell-Visionary

When you look at the pictures of these ‘Children’ smiling along with their handlers, the British People have no one else to blame, but themselves. Successive British Governments along with their ‘State Mercenaries’ the British Army have Made War in Foreign Lands for Centuries. Take recent British Interventions, (War-Zones) Syria, Libya, Iraq et, cetera, in essence we have left them nothing more than Piles of Rubble. And for what? their resources of course. We all know what these resources are, Oil and Money. Yes even in Afghanistan its always been about the (Poppies) Heroin.

Then we have the British Benefits System, World Renowned for its Generosity attracting all the Asylum Seekers/Economic Immigrants/Refugees/Skills Shortage from far-flung Nations. But then they are only trying to emulate the Biggest Benefits Recipients on them all, The Queen and Her Family. Yes one of the Richest Families in the World, receiving Tax Payer Benefits. Fact is she and her entourage (Family) are worth so much Money, it’s a ‘State Secret’ as to the True Nature of her Wealth.

Here’s a song for the British People, still hoping……..

“Until the Next Time”

Happy Days.

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