FBI Documents Exposes “Shadow Government” Seems The ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Were Correct All Along


‘Conspiracy Theorist’ is a derisory term ingrained into people’s psyche by their Political Masters and the Corporate Media Whores to discredit those presenting alternative views to that of the Corporate Narrative.

Any free thinking individual examining Global Events must surely come to the conclusion that their Elected Officials (Pre-selected) enact a different course of action to that, mandated from their Electorate. Having arrived at that deduction the next logical question would be, Why?


Once you begin to investigate you quickly conclude that all is not as it seems. Some other Force is Driving The Global Narrative, ‘Hidden Hand’ ‘Secret Government’ ‘Military, Industrial, Complex’ ‘Shadow government’ ‘Bad Guys’ ‘Cabal’ ‘Zionists’ ‘New World Order’ (NWO) they are known by a myriad of names, Yet they are One and the Same. Politicians, those in Power, with Influence, represent the Public Persona, of this ‘Shadow Government’ allowing those with the Real Power to operate in the ‘Shadows’ hence ‘Shadow Government’. Many American Presidents have raised concern regarding this ‘Shadow ‘Government.

“Remember the game is for elected leaders to take all the blame, while the real powers never run for office, manipulating  finance and the media”


Sadly, Roosevelt never achieved his objective.

Once the issue (Shadow Government) is recognised by the people then one can begin to expose and deny this insidious ‘Firm’ of its Power.

Happy Days.





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