Scenes From The Apocalypse – Mass Immigration Ruins The Streets Of France: AKA, The Scenario REMAIN CAMPAIGN Would Like For Britain

Do you believe the People of France or Europe ‘Voted for This’

Clearly the French Government are responsible for these scenes.

Wont find these images on Britain’s TV Screens.

Britain is a small overcrowded island.

The Remain Campaign Insist on Open Borders With The World, not Just Europe. That means unfettered movement of people.

More People enter Britain from outside the EU, than those in the remaining 26 Nations.

The Remain Campaign set No Limit to the Total Number of People Living in the Britain.

Freedom of Speech concerning Immigration is suppressed in Britain by the Corporate Media and the Political Elites. One example is Political Correctness. Political Correctness is a form of Censorship.

acc0f21dc94dff663f86354e26f4d1d3Happy Days.


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