Free Healthcare For The Global Community In Britain; Courtesy Of The British Taxpayer.


Once again we see in this Article the, Press Green British Taxpayer Picks Up the Tab

Amazon, Google, eBay and Thousands of Multi National Corporations Don’t Pay Tax in Britain, NHS Funding is not with their Money. The Rich, Political Elites and Many Politicians in Both Houses use Private Healthcare, consequently NHS Finance is of no interest to them

This sad state of affairs in Britain has been going on for decades, these are just some of the latest examples flagged up by One Hospital.

Why would one wish to put the burden of checking who is responsible for NHS Healthcare on the Medical Profession, they are not Immigration Officers.

To be honest no one really knows the true cost of Health Tourism in Britain, two figures bounded about from National Newspapers in these illustrations. Politicians are powerless to stop these Health Scams for fear of being Labelled Racist. In truth the Politically Correct Brigade that currently infests every sphere of Public Life in Britain would be swinging from the rafters at any attempt to mitigate this Clear Theft of Public Funds and Resources, by Foreign Nationals.

Jessica Ormerod from the National Health Action Party states “We are loosing our humanity if we can think of excluding the most vulnerable in our society from a basic right of Child Birth” There you have it.

Firstly these Health Care Tourists are clearly not the “Most Vulnerable” as they have adequate resources and finances to travel around the Globe on Airlines. Also is Jessica Ormerod advocating an ‘ A Global Open Door Policy’ to everyone seeking Healthcare.

The Department of Healths (Governments) response in Prevention of Health Care Tourism is beyond apathetic. The Issue is obviously beyond their apprehension and intellect.

The image below gives some indication as to how the Practise of Health tourism is allowed to continue in Britain.

13-chart-a-cs3£2.500.000.000.00 of British Taxpayers Money Funding Foreign Health Care is perfectly acceptable to the British Newspaper the Daily Mirror, the Equivalent of Five New General Hospitals.

The First Defence of the British Taxpayer is to ensure the emphasis for these Health Tourists is laid fair and square at the door of the Aviation Industry.

Second, the Invoice for NHS Healthcare for any Foreign National who absconds without payment should be sent to their Relevant Embassy for Payment. Failing this the Invoice should then be forwarded to the Department for International Development, where the amount should be deducted from the £ Foreign Aid Budget.

Comments from the Daily Mail article give some advise to Governments how to end the Practise of Health Tourism !!

Strange but True:

Many of Britain’s NHS Hospitals are named Royal this, Princess that, Queen Elizabeth this et cetera. There is a One Major distinction however, the Royal Family don’t frequent the NHS for Their Health Care.

article-2311350-1960425b000005dc-710_306x276Happy Days.


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