BREXIT: The Nonsense From Britain’s ‘Failed Politicians’ And The Real EU They Are Keeping From You


Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, Sir (Mafioso) Keith Starmer and their ‘Band of Merry Women’ Nicky Morgan, plus Anna Soubry, represent the Abject Failure by Politicians, they were Elected to Represent. Anna Soubry’s Mother was so distraught on hearing the result of Democratic Vote to Leave the EU, the MP had to console her mother by holding her hand and drying her tears.”Honest we have not just made that last statement up”

Lots to trawl through so, up anchor……………

The EU has never been anything more than the Exploitation of the People at the Expense of the Political Elites and their Associates, Global Corporations: Ask Italy, Greece, Ireland, Spain and Portugal for starters.

The next Three articles we have taken from zerohedge in numerical date order.

Remember were still in Autumn, Winter hasn’t arrived yet.

As previously stated, Europe is about Money for the Corporations, while the Politicians Grow Fat, feeding from the EU Gravy Train. Unelected Bureaucrats, bereft of empathy, unable to comprehend the wishes of Their Indigenous Peoples. Never the less, it was always the Money that would End the Grand Authoritarian Plutocracy.


Having ‘Upped the Anchor’ the EU is now destined for Self Destruct. Good riddance we say. Freedom Beckons.

“Too much of a good thing, can be a bad thing”

Happy Days.


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