Vaccine State USA: Mandatory Vaccinations Are Here-California Law Requires Total Compliance


The beginning of the end of Press Here For Link ‘Freewill’ in this most liberal of American States, its beyond reasoning.

Tyranny needs to be confronted, appeasement is the worst of all options. Tyranny must be met head on and consigned to the Trash Can. How?

Firstly know your adversary, Vaccines are not about Health they are about Money.

Know that the CDC and Big Pharma are Two Sides of the Same Coin: (Analogy) What does the Coin represent? Money

Galvanise small Groups of People into action by presenting them with the Facts. Then question what next diktat awaits us from Corporate Governance, if we refuse to act on Vaccines.

Vaccines are the ‘Line in the Sand’ Loose this Battle and the War will be one of continued attrition. Governance has the Money and Control the Corporate Media, People Hold the Power.

The Answer lays with the People.

Then expand your Groups of People into ever-increasing  Groups and Numbers of People.

Set about depriving the ‘Coin’ of Money.

There are a myriad of avenues, to pursuing this objective.

Some People have the option of Home Schooling, less Money for the ‘Coin’

Peaceful Non-Compliance is a Wonderful course of action to negate the  Tyranny of Mandatory Vaccines presented to the People. Gandhi  brought the British Empire to its knees by adopting this philosophy.

“Hell hath no fury like a mother protecting her children” RH

Big Pharm and Government (Coin) haven’t the slightest inclination as to the Power of Parenting.

Whats at stake here is Freedom, surely its worth the attention of the American People.

“Politicians with pens are far more dangerous to a Nation, than any terrorists”

Traci Frost.


“The opposite of love is not hate; its indifference”

Happy Days.

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