Sweden Creates 55 “No Go Zones” As It Losses Control Of Refugee Crisis


Take a look at our previous article before reading this latest essay from zerohedge.com. to realise the full implications of the above header.

You would be hard pushed to find many EU Citizens who ‘Signed Up’ for Mass Immigration and Open Borders outside the Single Market. The Corporate Media Whores and the Politically Correct Elitists would have the People believe there are no problems and ‘Everything Is Awesome’

Those who have to Live with the Troubles, will tell you the Truth.

Indigenous Populations throughout Europe are being superseded and they have no voice or say in the matter. Dress it up how you like (Semantics)  here in Britain the Prime Consideration by the British People who voted for BREXIT, was Mass Immigration, end of, end it.

However, when interviewed by the Corporate Media Whores whom Print and Broadcast their Masters narrative, people shrink and cower from revealing their true opinions and convictions. This Politically Correct (Another Name for Censorship) Directive applies throughout Europe.

quote-the-two-pillars-of-political-correctness-are-a-willful-ignorance-and-b-a-steadfast-refusal-george-macdonald-fraser-73-9-0957Happy Days.

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