235,000 Migrants, Refugees Waiting To Leave For Italy Will Succeed – UN Envoy To Libya


EX British Prime Minister David Cameron has recently been held to Account Politically for his instigation of the Libyan Crisis.

Here we have an example of the Consequences of Western Hegemony in Libya.


We now wait in eager anticipation for the Two remaining Conspirators regarding the Libyan subterfuge, Nicolas Sarkozy and Barack Obama, to face justice.

These Three Criminals are handled by the Rothschild’s Bankers for whom they are game-fully employed. What a fantastic business model, your employees, the aforementioned, Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama, their salaries are paid for by the respective Countries, even as their actions run contrary to the people they were Elected (Selected) to represent.

“If you don’t read the newspapers your uninformed. If you read the newspapers your misinformed”

Mark Twain.

Happy Days.

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