Unlawful Killing – The Murder Of Princess Diana And Why It Matters [Must Watch Video]

“There are three classes of people; those who see, those who see when shown, those who do not see”

Leonardo da Vinci.

Princess diana death

Comments brief as there is, as the header indicates a ‘Must Watch’ video Unlawful Killing.

Amazing how the Corporate Media, generally on the Anniversaries of Princess Diana’s Death seem to interview so many members of the general public that believe the Death of Princess Diana was an Accident. Don’t be surprised if these same people when asked, would also reiterate that Passenger Airliners brought down the Twin Towers on 9/11 and Lee Harvey Oswald was responsible for the Assassination of President J F. Kennedy.

Have a feeling that those responsible for the Conspiracy to Kill Princess Diana will very soon be ‘Facing the Music’

Happy Days.


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