Syria: The Duplicity Of The U.S. And Britain Is Now Beyond Incredulous

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Yes we’ve all witnessed the ‘Crocodile Tears’ regarding West recently. Seems Britain is hell bent on resurrecting its former empire via the imperialism of the American War Machine.

Iran and Hezbollah (Lebanon) have no option but to fight a rearguard action in Syria. Should Syria capitulate, Iran is quite aware the next War fought against the Israeli/British/American axis of evil will be fought on her home soil.

Next stop Russia or China, take your pick in which order. Russia if the proxy war in the Ukraine is allowed to escalate via NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation, or China in the disputed waters aka South China Seas. America may well engineer the conflict through one of her fraternity, Vietnam or Japan.

Make no mistake Syria has implications that will set the direction of our world. It’s quite simple really, the forces of Light V Darkness is unravelling on the Syrian Stage.

Victory for the Light.

Happy Days.




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