Britain’s Debt


Yes carry on paying HMRC to ensure the Private Banks ‘Bank of England’ are paid. The Royalty continue live the lifestle they are accustomed to, at your expense. The Private Bankers, HSBC, Barclay’s et cetera received £375.000.000.000. from British Taxpayers at 1/2 % interest, plus an additional £ at 1/4 % to ensure amongst other considerations, their Huge Bonuses continue. Remember, You, Your Family and generations to come are ‘On The Hook’ for this Money. Google and Amazon aren’t, neither Sir Philip Green and his Fraternity. Take a look at the Link Here, if you don’t believe us.


Some examples as to how you personally continue to pay the ‘National Debt’

Income Tax.

National Insurance.

Goods you buy, Cars, Clothes, in fact 1000s of items incur a  20% VALUE ADDED TAX.

Council Tax.

Car Tax.

Speeding Fines ( Police and HM Courts) are Private Companies,  Revenue Collectors, check Dun and Bradstreet for list of Private Companies.

Gas and Electric, bills Taxed

Water Bills,  Taxed

Insurance policies, Taxed

Pensions, Taxed

Savings, Taxed

Transport, Trains, Buses,Taxis Taxed

Death duties, Tax

Burial, Taxed

Were sure you can add many, many more to this list, but you see where were going with this, whether you choose to or not, you are involuntary Paying this Debt.

This illustration/Franchise can be applied to the majority of Countries Globally, with a few various tweets, i, e discretions, titles and names. Type in you Nations National Debt Clock, you’ll be amazed !!!

“Life’s hard; its harder if your stupid”

John Wayne.

Oh, by the way: Happy Days.

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