UK ‘Sailing Blindly’ Into financial Meltdown Bigger Than 2008 Think Tank Warns

The British Economy never recovered from the Financial Collapse in 2008. An Economy build on Shopping and Rising House Prices will eventually implode.


Leading up to the BREXIT Vote on June 23rd of this year the 3 Amigo’s, Cameron, Carney and Osborne slipped the Establishments Fear Porn into overdrive.

History shows with the Exit Vote David Cameron fell on his sword. George Osborne was sacked, after all the Austerity (Taking from the Poor and Vulnerable) the Government deficit actually rose during his tenure as Chancellor of the Exchequer. Which leaves us today with Mark Carney.

How strange that the face of government has changed, yet one of the main protagonists to stay in the EU during the BREXIT Vote is still firmly in place at the Bank of England. This was one whom almost daily issued warnings of Ruin, Catastrophe and Disaster if Britain voted to leave the EU. Now cynics will say Mark Carney has refused to resign as he believes he is the best man for the job. However history again reveals he has failed the mandate stipulated by George Osborne (2% Inflation)  This letter to the Chancellor would prove to be the first of many explaining the BOEs failure. Resided over a Programme of Printing Money (Quantitative Easing) another £, taking his total Money Printing Programme to £435.000.000.000 and counting!!!

Oh and just to balance things up, today he gave another £ of Tax Payers Money at 1/4% Interest to Private Banks, but when all, is said and done, his previous employer was Goldman Sachs.

Failed on his promise to raise Interest Rates when Unemployment fell to 7%.  Others will take the view, he like Osborne should have been sacked by the new Prime Minister Theresa May. There are those of the opinion (Corporate Media) that to appoint a new Governor of the BOE so soon after BREXIT would unsettle the Financial Markets. A plausible excuse yet ‘Not quite on the Money’ it you pardon the pun. Our understanding, and we have maintained this prospective since the inception of RH, the recent events since BREXIT confirm where the Power in Britain, truly resides.

Britain’s Economy operates in a Capitalist System, however Private Banking operates under a Socialist System, where Profits are Privatised (Shareholders) and Losses are Nationalised (Taxpayers)

History will reveal the Truth.


“Two percent of people think; three percent of people think they think and ninety five percent would rather die than think”

George Bernard Shaw.

Happy Days.


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