Emancipation: From British Tyranny


The Rothschild’s still control our Nations Money today, through the BIS, Bank of International Settlements, via the BOE, Bank of England.

“Remember the game is for elected leaders to take all the blame, while the real powers never run for office and manipulate finance and the media”

What better way to administer a Nation, in this example Britain. Control a Countries Money (Bank of England) Select a Political Party to govern, Conservative.  Then engage the electorate to elect the Party that has been selected. Supervise a Nations Opposition Party, to closely link with the incumbent Government’s narrative. Abracadabra, the People (Slaves) are locked into Debt Serfdom. The Government continues the hidden directive, while the Opposition Party, Labour in this instance are allowed to procrastinate till the cows come home.

Jeremy Corbyn however refuses to play the subterfuge agenda. So the attack dogs are brought in, ‘State Media’, BBC, SKY, Channel 4 and ITV, to misrepresent, lie, discredit and exponentially besmirch the Labour Leader. 

Here we see the above mentioned, AKA Owen Smith, the Establishments (Blair’s) ‘Man on the People’ fulfilling that role. Conspiracy? you bet, only they’ve ( Those who believe they have a Divine right to Rule Us) lets label them the Establishment for ease, have been getting away with their modus operandi for Centuries.

There a best-selling book – The Establishment: And how they get away with it, by Owen Jones.

The book will vindicate our essay, regarding the British Establishment.

“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable”

George Orwell – A Visionary.

You see in reality, we are governed by an Authoritarian Plutocracy.

quote-if-you-vote-and-you-elect-dishonest-incompetent-people-into-office-who-screw-everything-george-carlin-84-34-84Happy Days.



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