Hillary: Is This The Biggest Leak Yet?

“Life is hard; its harder if your stupid”

John Wayne.


We see Hillary and the DNC are guilty of subterfuge, regarding Bernie Saunders supporter who have been ostracised from their own convention with no input into the democratic process. Are not his supporters American citizens also?

The garbage spun by the DNC and ‘State Media’ CNBC, FOX NEWS, ABC et cetera took the art of semantics to a new level. Shoot the messenger, in this case the (Russians) which everyone with an ounce of intelligence sees is baloney.

Clearly there is a Major Conspiracy at work here, the protagonists, Hillary for One, has carte blanche to do as she pleases, with the endorsement of the Obama Administration. The FBI have proven impotent to the E Mail shenanigans. State Media incapable of reporting the Truth. Bernie Saunders endorsing a Presidential Nominee who committed the coup de grace to his Presidential aspirations, with total disregard to his Millions of Supporters/Voters. Hundreds of Millions of Americans who seem indifferent to the present quandary besetting their Nation. Then the icing on the cake, Stock Markets at record highs, performing like they have no correlation to the present impasse, where the Rule of Law is consigned to the Toilet. Talk about Parallel Universe.

Happy Days.


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