The Top 7 Strangest, Literally Mind – Blowing Vaccine Ingredients

” You must unlearn what you have been ‘programmed’ to believe from birth. That software no longer serves you if you want to live where ‘All things are possible’

 -Jacqueline E. Purcell


Ever thought to ask your Doctor the contents of the Vaccine She/He has just prescribed to you? Remember the ingredient of the said Vaccine are about to be injected into Your Body; worse Your Child’s.

Back to the initial question, chances are your GP would not be aware that Vaccines contain these Contaminants.

Take a look at some of the ingredients that make up a Vaccine.

Surely one would need to be insane to continuance these substances entering into a Human Being.

” Though Millions and Millions of $ have been paid out to Vaccine Violence, no stories ever make it to the Mainstream Media Outlets” (

Happy Days.


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