Cage Fighters Disguised As State Troopers And Police Beat Up On Unarmed 50 Year Old Man

“Ignore your rights and they’ll go away”

Surrounded by at least Seven (Brave) officers including a K-9 handler they did their duty and apprehended this most (Dangerous Criminal)


Small wonder when you read this article and view the video America is fast descending into terminal decline. America is a Nation that worships idols (Kardashians) example, war, money and is beset on electing Clinton/Trump to secure her decent into Fascism.


Footnote; Here in Britain many would be football hooligans have swapped the terraces for the Police Force, allowing them to ply their wares (Violence) with immunity: Conspiracy

Fact: There have been more Black Deaths in Police custody in Britain, than during the Apartheid Regime in South Africa under President F.W. de Klerk.

Here’s some recent facts and figures of Deaths in Police Custody in Britain.

Happy Days.





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