French Intel Chief’s Stunning Warning: Europe Is “On Brink Of Civil War” Due To Migrant Sex Attacks

It’s always been a given, ‘One Law for the Rich, Powerful’ another for the rest of us. This applies generally to which ever Country in the World you reside. Conspiracy: You obviously haven’t been paying attention lately. Take Hillary Clinton and Tony Blair. Books wouldn’t  suffice to accommodate the semantics, lies and egregious behaviour of the afore-mentioned. Only a library would be sufficient to list the magnitude of their Crimes. We then see the sanguine position the Corporate Media Whores have taken to protect these two, one a sociopath the other a psychopath. We leave the reader to distinguish between the two.


However we have for many years in Britain, Laws appertaining to ones Race and Ethnicity also. We wont bore you with the trivialities of this injustice, serve to say that many instances regarding this directive have been noted. This is designed to create resentment and breed racism.

Now clearly in Europe we witnesses in Sweden, Germany, France and other EU Nations where again this ‘One Law for Race and Ethnicity’ another for different people’s has reared its ugly head.

When indigenous populations see this agenda played out they get angry A natural reaction to the destabilization of their Countries. Marching and protesting is meaningless. Riots and violence reacting to the situations people’s find themselves in is not only counter productive, it gives the Police and Governments carte blanche to introduce more draconian Laws. As the Police have been ‘Militarized’  they are more apt at violence than the Woman/Man in the street.

Make no mistake, this destabilization of Britain and Europe is by Design, Conspiracy: Well notice how the Corporate Media Whores no longer cover the Refugee, Asylum Seekers, Immigration issue and the continuous unrest in many EU Nations.

Remember the name of the game ‘Divide and Conquer’

All the while people are focused on arguing and fighting amongst themselves the fundamental issues facing the World remain unresolved, allowing the status quo (Bad Guys) unhindered access to global resources and Control.

db92a49899cbb372759763b6a1e3c7962ef0af02-e1391699387583Happy Days.



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