Top 15 Foods That Are So Dangerous They’ve Been Banned From Entering Other Countries, But Are Served In The U.S.


Wow America, amazing what can happen when people focus their attention on garbage (Kardashians) not what should be of concern, your Food.

Low and behold, before you have a realisation, your actually Eating Garbage: What You Eat !!!!!

Never in its history has America spent so many $s on its Health, for the people to be so Unhealthy. Then ‘digesting’ excuse the pun this article, it’s hardly ‘Wonders will never cease’ scenario, is it?

Just in case you managed to circumvent the 15 hurdles (Poisons) in the article referred to, along comes HFCS to finish You OFF, as it were.

Only the American’s could pull this off, a Magical expression of talent, from a most gifted Nation.

Happy Days.

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