America, Whats Really Going On? The Most Dangerous Man In America KNOWS !!!

Feel we’ve arrived at the tipping point: The moment when those Reporting the Reality (Conspiracists) and those reporting the Lies (Corporate Media) interconnect.


How the Billions of people will interact with the Reality that has been concealed from us by the Few Million Liars (Our estimate) theose perpetrators) of the Lies, will now come to fruition.

History will recall the Brexit Vote, Hillary: Business as Usual, Chilcot, Blair: Business as Usual narratives proved pivotal moments regarding the deconstruction of the ‘Matrix’ NWO.

The sociopaths and psychopaths running the show have on numerous occasions been give the opportunity to ‘Come Clean’ as it were. Now they will be cleansed, by the People, with assistance from our Star Families of the Light.

The Universe will not be governed by Time, Place or Circumstance.

The Criminals, Every Single One will face Justice, we know who they are, more importantly, they know who they are. The system to bring the Criminals to Justice is infallible. No ‘Missing E-Mails’ no ‘Dodgy Dossiers’ Justice is Coming.

The Four Horsemen are close, the Apocalypse is near. Those responsible for Humanity’s Fall have much to Fear. They will Feel, the destitution in their Minds they condemned, generations and generations of innocence to.


Happy Days.



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