State Media: In Britain


AKA, buggering boys club.

This Bastard insidious institution, a derisory description, of the BBC, to which the British Taxpayers are enslaved. We are forced to patronise this Paedophile Club to the tune of £145.50 per year, enforced by a Prison Sentence. This Public Broadcaster is incapable of reporting a bias, independent, factual News Report, having since the leave vote on Thursday 13, June continued to deride the Leave Voters, pedalling the Fear of ‘Divide and Conquer’

The sooner the British privative this monolithic establishment institute the sooner the propaganda of derision can be extinguished.

Priorities in order of taking our Country Back and returning Power to the People.

Take the Bank of England and all Private Banks into public ownership.

End ‘State Media’ SKY, ITV, Channel 4 and BBC, reposition to private ownership.

End the BBC patronage, imposed on the people.

End Parliament, it hasn’t been fit for purpose since 1605.

End public subsides to companies with a turnover in excess of £100.000.000.

Close all Crown Tax Havens.

End Taxpayer Subsidies to Royalty. Let Royalty fund themselves.

Cut the working week to Two Days, with Five Days recreation.

Happy Days.

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