4 Ways The System Tries To Hold Us Back From Our Awakening

Yes the world can finally bear witness, the Matrix is Failing.

We see in this essay, 4 examples of how humanity has been shackled, there are many, many more, too numerous for us to elaborate now.


There is a phenomenon, a euphoria encompassing Planet Earth at this Moment, the darkness is retreating into the shadows, awaiting its final demise, ‘The Sunshine of Humanity’

So many millions of people are Awake/Awakening to the positive energy shift of Love, Light and Truth. This positive energy is certainly taking its toll on the darkness that has perpetrated our Earth for so long.

The modus operandi of the dark forces is immediately recognised by so many, along with the Historical suppressed truth and lies, the current narrative is now being exposed to the Light off Day.

Previously we were few, Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, J F. Kennedy, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana et cetra.

Today we are 10s of Millions, 100s of Millions very soon.

Enough have Truly Had Enough.


That the coup de grace will be administered to the Matrix is beyond doubt.

” The Universe is absolute order, it will not be governed by time, or place nor circumstance”

Happy Days.



4 Ways The System Tries to Hold Us Back From Our Awakening

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