The Great CON Of Man: Esoteric’s, The Supernatural, Magicians, Mind Control, And The New World Order – Part Nine, By Bradley Loves

Bradley’s latest revelation is why there’s an all encompassing drive to Govern the Internet.

The Internet is at the cutting edge in uncovering the Criminals, and exposing the Truth, example, the British Establishments Cover Up of the  Elite World Wide Paedophile Ring.

As the Corporate News Media is controlled by the controllers, the Alternative News Media, still provides one of the few legitimate lines of communication and information.

Needless to say, one must remain discerning and vigilant when accessing the Truth in whichever field of the media you choose.

As Bradley states ” We all matter, we are all important ” The dis-empowerment and the  “Well there’s only me ” or the  “What can I do to change it?” is a  carefully contrived narrative of education/indoctrination to leave individuals feeling vulnerable and helpless.

History is littered with individuals that Changed the World. Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr, spring to mind.

quotes-about-lifeImage by

In the Neal Donald Walsch best-seller Conversations With God , The Prime Creator, Bradley Loves word for the Divine, states that this present time, there will be 10s of Millions of people to Enlighten the Earth.

This Time is Now.

Peaceful, Non Compliance Will Change Our World.

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