The Photon Belt Update – The Hathors

We have previously posted updates from the Light Grid, LINK below. This is follow on from our  post on RH, Its The Magic, The True Age Of Aquarius 22.September 2014.

With the British vote in Parliament on Friday 26. September sanctioning the Bombing of  Iraq, the channelling from the from the Hathors seems  as real as Mickey Mouse. This is totally understandable when you look at the Middle East, the Ukraine and Ebola as examples.

Members of both houses of parliament filImage by …

However our reality is about to change quite swiftly, from now to the Spring Equinox 2015, the veil of falsehood is being withdrawn. Truth is about to reveal itself, and with that revelation  the Darkness will be exposed to the Light. Soon the reality that  Parliament has ceased to serve the people will be understood and our hearts and minds will be able to contemplate this  understanding. The fact that the Establishment must be degraded will be of little consequence to the people who have been freed from the Prison Paradigm and have moved into our inherent being of 5D conciousness.

That which no longer serves humanity will cease to exist.

This is not revolution. The Divine, of which Humanity is a part  has chosen this, it is infant our Evolution.

neverdiedImage by……

Happy Days.

Michael J McCartney.



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