How America Protects Itself From America But Still Isn’t Independent

Hardly surprising really. How could you expect anything different?  Governments bankrupt of morality, who have succeeded in bankrupting America and bankrupting over 100,000,000 Americans in the process who turn the American army towards certain sectors of its people that disagrees with and exposes the tyranny of Government.  It’s the end of democracy and the revolution of kleptocracy. Independence day was on Friday 4, July, a huge celebrations for the American people. Sadly independence is still a state of being America aspires to, for she is no more independent from the City of London than in 1783. The final nail in the coffin cementing the end  of the American revolution, was the founding of the Federal Reserve. A private Banking Company, put in place by the City of London to trap America in subterfuge and continual debt serfdom. America has only recently awakened and taken her place as the financial terrorists of the world, the British have held top billing for 100s of years. The dark forces that control America simply dial-up the Federal Reserve and instigate the dollar printing press. Without getting into the semantics, this description is the process of financial terror. Simplicity in itself.

We know that China spends more of her GDP,  keeping her indigenous population under the microscope than she does on defense. We have no hard and fast costs in dollars, the controlling forces in America spend to monitor and manage their people.   These agencies are those the  controllers admit to.  How many homeland enforcement agencies does America deploy to corral her people?  These intelligence agencies exist to  protect America from the bad guys. Reading Gordon Duff’s assessment of the authoritarian plutocracy that has morphed into the American Government the authorities are directing their attention, increasingly inward. Independent thinking, speech and freedoms are daily being curtailed.

There are untold links on the media that matters substantiating the essay on press freedoms and how increasingly America is marching headlong into martial law. Amongst other not to flattering  connotations  America is still considered the bastion of freedom in the world. Lets hope for all our sakes America rises once again to try encompass that  freedom, and meets with success.

Above, we have an essay confirming corporate Governments assets being deployed by the corporates.

The saving grace of America will be to free herself of the Federal Reserve, no other action will suffice. Once a free banking system is implemented in America, the people will finally be free to pursue their own destiny.

” Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”

Martin Luther King Jr


” There’s a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot”

President   John F. Kennedy……….7 days before his assassination.

” Remember the game is for elected leaders to take the blame, while the real powers never run for office, manipulating finance and media”

Happy Days.

Michael J McCartney.

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